Detailed Description UFO Sighting Hovering 100ft above ground

It was summer of 1997. I was sleeping on an outdoor trampoline in my backyard with my 2 younger brothers. I awoke from my sleep and my eyes were pointed to the sky directly above me, slightly to the north direction. there was a Large Disk shaped UFO vehicle hovering above me. It was less than 100 feet off the ground, and appeared to be the size of about 60 feet wide by 30 feet tall. UFO Sighting was close enough to see some detail.

The UFO was metallic and appeared dark/black against the night sky. It had very symmetrical backlit windows or lights that were spaced 2 feet apart, going all the way around the middle of the vessel horizontally. I believe they were circles, about 2-3 feet in radius. There were also lights beaming from the top of the vessel, where it had a pod-like cabin sitting on the top. There were lights beaming downward as well from the flat-like disc-like bottom. UFO hovered in one spot for maybe 10 seconds or so. Then it shot directly upward very fast, perhaps going 500 feet straight up in less than 1 second.

Then it paused for a brief moment. It seemed to load itself or cock itself into a slingshot position of sorts, like it was being pulled back in a slingshot, then it shot off to the northwest at a mind boggling speed, leaving a white streak of light in the sky behind it, as if the lights became as straight line of white light in the sky, disappearing as the UFO Vehicle moved further and further away. The whole UFO Sighting event lasted 15-50 seconds. mufon cms# 116020 Sandy Utah UFO Sighting occurred on 6/25/97 Was Reported on 6/04/21. Region has had 841 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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