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Daughter and I witnessed UFO Sighting descending ejection of smaller UFO Fort Myers Florida

UFO Sighting occurred on Jan 1,2018 over Fort Myers Florida. My daughter and I just finished lighting a couple of fireworks off after the new year ball drop on TV. Once finished, my daughter said, daddy look at that plane it looks weird. After looking at the object, I could tell right away this was not a plane, or normal object in the sky. I told my daughter to grab my phone as I continued to watch and study the UFO Sighting. It was shaped as a Christmas Ornament with a small handle like object on the bottom. The UFO Sighting was glowing bright gold/copper/red/yellow combined such as lava. Once the UFO Sighting came to a halt hovered it simultaneously turned into a more of a bell shape, and a 2nd smaller UFO dispersed descending. Once the 2nd UFO ejected the larger UFO went behind a cloud and disappeared without notice or sound. We could still see the color of the UFO Sighting behind the cloud, and then in the blink of an eye, it was gone. The secondary UFO Sighting was no where to be seen again the rest of the night. We noticed our cable boxes were turned off, which was strange as we watched the ball drop on TV and did not touch either of the boxes before or after the siting. My daughter was scared as can be. She would not allow me to leave her site was worried something was going to happen to us. I initial thought how amazing this was but then when I saw her reaction it was time to sit down and explain to her exactly what happened and what we saw Fortunately later on in the afternoon today she feels much better and has more questions and is intrigued about the experience opposed to being afraid. mufon cms# 89244

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