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Data on UFO Crash at San Augustin New Mexico

The UFOs may use holograms to produce misty effects, shape shifting, and other means to camouflage their appearance. They appear to light up that may be part of an electronic shield or the propulsion system. Some UFOs leave radioactive effects and some leave burns on humans. This may come from particle beams used for radioactive control.. They also have the ability to appear and disappear which may be accomplished by time travel. Within the UFO they appear to have an inner space separated from the force of gravity and universal space that allows extra ordinary maneuvers and may overcome time as we know it.An alternating current component could be a higher frequency component that could cause the outside surface of the craft to emit a light. The energy for the light could come from the neutrinos causing the electrons to move up and down in energy levels as required to produce light. Many of what appears as stars are actually UFOs hovering above. It may be they wish to attract attention. Read more on the Data on UFO Crash at San Augustin New Mexico here

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