Dark Triangle UFO Sighting in Cloud Cover on I-287 Near Morristown NJ

The UFO Sighting event occurred traveling northbound on interstate 287 between Basking Ridge and Morristown New Jersey. Visibility was good at street level but the sky was opaque with low lying cloud cover.

At approximate 7:30 am EST on Jan.11th 2018 a Dark Triangle UFO was Sighted moving through my field of vision on a westerly trajectory through the clouds disturbing the cloud around it as it traveled like a hand through smoke.I could not get a definitive view as it was using the cloud cover. All that was visible was its triangular shape and that it was black or very dark gray.UFOwas silent had no lights and was moving at a fast rate of speed. Viewing lasted for about 4 seconds. My best estimate is that the UFOwas about a half a mile downrange and maybe 200-300 feet above the ground Just high enough to use the cloud cover.Considering the distance and size of the UFOSighting in my field of view my best guess is that it was about 100 ft.from edge to edge. Morristown does have a small airport but whatever this was it just did not look like a plane or anything you would normally see. nuforc.org

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