Cosmic Watergate UFO Sightings Biggest story of the millennium


"In one of his best known lectures given to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in 2013, The late Stanton Friedman said he had come to four conclusions as a result of his work:

“The evidence is overwhelming that Planet Earth is being visited by intelligently controlled extraterrestrial spacecraft "UFOs". In other words, some UFO Sightings are alien spacecraft. Most are not and I don’t care about them.” “There is no doubt that a small number of people in governments both in the United States and overseas have been actively covering up the truth about these visits. There really is a ‘Cosmic Watergate.’” There are no good arguments against these conclusions; only people who haven’t studied the relevant evidence.” “UFO Sighting visitations and the Cosmic Watergate represent the biggest story of the millennium.”

Disk UFO Sighting in dessert

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