Cluster of UFOs Caught on Video Arizona

I was driving to work, westbound on highway 60 Mesa AZ. when I could see a cluster of UFOs swirling about 2-300ft above the ground and about 1 1/2 miles further west. I exited on Higley Rd northbound and at the traffic light on southern Ave I was able to take a video. My first thought was it was maybe a flock of birds but I did not notice any wing flapping which would be required for the maneuvers they were performing. They also were white and reflecting light. I never seen a white bird species in the area in the 4 years I lived there. There are definitely no gulls in the desert. My camera was having a hard time focusing on them because of the distance and my window being up. I also do not think they were balloons because they were changing direction from moving north to south and then back to south. they remain unidentified to me. mufon cms# 116235 Mesa Arizona 5/24/21 This Region has had 3,574 Reported UFO Sightings/UAP, to date.

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