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Circular Red UFO Sighting maneuvers over Hollywood CA

At approximately 18:00 hours, 6:00 P.M. PST local time, I was sitting on my couch in my apartment when I noticed a circular well-lit red UFO Sighting with a flashing green light beneath it, zip at a very high rate of speed across the horizon from south to north at an extremely accelerated rate. It was at a modest altitude, clearly visible, approximately 3 to 4 miles due West. UFO Sighting then began a series of aeronautical maneuvers directly over Hollywood Blvd. to the South, and Franklin Avenue to the north. UFO then returned at that same high rate of speed then stopped in a totally frozen hover above Hollywood itself. I opened my sliding glass door to my balcony to hear if it made the sound of a helicopter. UFO Sighting made no sound whatsoever, all the while flashing a green light under its carriage. It then accelerated straight up approximately 1000 feet immediately, again at extreme rates of speed, then began a series of ascending and descending aerobatic moves from a dead stop in both horizontal and vertical motions. It in no way acted like a drone, helicopter, small aircraft, or military aircraft. From my perspective it appeared to be the size of a small dirigible but not as large as a blimp. It moved both smoothly, and dramatically quickly, far faster and more dynamic than any other aircraft I have seen. It was able multiple times to stop on a dime and hover silently then accelerate to different altitudes and horizons on a grid. And then quickly accelerated to the West and out of my visual range. As a previous witness in 1978 of a translucent orb UFO Sighting over the night sky of Simi Valley, California, I have had previous experience with be unique movement of these UFOs. My UFO sighting this evening falls into that category. I also know of one other individual who has seen and photographed an unidentified object in this same area a number of years ago, one that she shared with me that I was privy to. Thank you for all the work you do. I will continue to do mine. Circular Red UFO Sighting maneuvers over Hollywood CA occurred on 1/31/19

Circular Red UFO Sighting reported Hollywood CA 1_31_19

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