Cigar shaped UFO Sighting over Madison WI 10/16/18 at 3:50 PM

Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting reported Oct 16 2018

I was leaving work at 3:50 PM on 10/16/2018 just passing the Costco store in Middleton heading east on Eagle Drive. I looked up and observed what I first thought was a passenger jet coming over the city from the Dane County airport. Something seemed a bit off, so I looked again and was unable to distinguish the presence of either wings or a tail section. I pulled over on Eagle Drive next to Costco and observed what looked like a large cylindrical UFO, about the size of an A-320 if not a bit longer. It was white in color and aerodynamically tapered at both ends and had what appeared to be a red vertical stripe that separated the forward going half from the trailing half. There appeared to be no windows or other openings. It was moving in a North Westerly direction and was traveling very slowly. The duration of the UFO Sighting was approximately one to one and a half minutes or so. As it was heading off in the distance I saw a smaller aircraft the details of which I could not determine that looked as though it was flying at a higher altitude and moving in an East Southeasterly direction. My background is an Electronics Technician.

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