Chicago Daylight UFO Sighting

I saw a shiny object from my window in high rise apartment in downtown Chicago. UFO Sighting was moving around and seemed to be heading west (my view faces north). At first I thought it could be a balloon that was shining from the sun reflection but it seemed bigger and decided to get it on video. After zooming in and further analyzing the video it looks like a saucer/disk/ship. It went fast, I was able to look at it for about 10-15 seconds before grabbing my phone and recording it a 6 second video before it disappeared from my field of vision. As you can see in the video the object maneuvered and did some kind of flip in which you can see the bottom angle of the disk as well. I would like to note that I saw a helicopter flying in the distance shortly after seeing the object (might be unrelated but mentioning just in case), the helicopter was not flying on the same direction where I saw the UFO Sighting. More detail: UFO Sighting was silver/chrome all around and very shiny/reflective. mufon cms# 112748 Chicago Illinois 12/15/20 

Chicago Illinois UFO Disk Light Photo

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