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Chevron shaped UFO Sighting over Phoenix 2017

Chevron Shaped UFO Sighting reported 12/09/17 Arizona

While playing golf on Saturday 12/9/2017 at approximately 12:05 pm at the Phoenix Arizona Encanto Golf course, I had a UFO Sighting. As we arrived at the 11 hole we noticed something in the sky located north northwest from our location. See location map attachment. Unable to identify the UFO Sighting with the naked eye I used my Bushnell Range finder to get a better view of the UFO When viewed though the range finder, I could clearly see a chevron shaped UFO metallic silver in color with 6 round circle lights on is underside. I and 2 others in my group view the UFO through the range finder. Over a 5 minute period the UFO moved around slowly within the same general area where we first had the UFO Sighting. I took a few iPhone pictures of the UFO Sighting. See Image attachments. The UFO then start moving rapidly in what appeared as upward and disappeared. mufon cms# 88881

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