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Bright stationary UFO Sighting over Muncie IN. reported

My mother had claimed to see a bright, blinking UFO several nights in a row at the same time outside the back windows of her apartment (to the west/south west). I figured it was a star or a plane, because there is an airport nearby and bright blinking stars and planes head in that direction (west) constantly. Tonight (4/17/19) I kept an eye out, and before bed (10:30 pm), I looked out and to the southwest I saw a very bright light, VERY low to the ground, definitely wasn't a helicopter (we have them all the time and they are loud), would have maybe been over McGalliard Road or close to it, hard to judge, but definitely CLOSE. It looked stationary and like it was turning and the light (like a spot light) started to blink. I hurried away to get my mom, literally not 2 minutes, and it was gone. My mom has claimed that when she sees it, she feels it knows she is watching, then it zips off like a flash. I never saw it leave. It was just gone after I got here and went to the window. I am generally a skeptical believer, but I have been looking out here for 22 years at this location (just observing the night sky, not looking for UFOs), and this wasn't something normal. I, too, felt like it knew I saw it, although I can't say why I felt that way. It looked like a large object (details indistinguishable because the light was turning in my direction and blinding) with a very bright light attached to it that started to blink brightly as the UFO Sighting turned to my direction. NOT NORMAL AT ALL. Oddly enough, I saw something very similar nearby in the country about twenty years ago. I'm going to watch for it again the next few nights since it seems to be returning. I immediately went to google to see if there have been in any UFO Sightings recently here, and found this website and decided to leave this report. I'll report again if I see it again. Honestly, I don't see how no one else saw it, considering how low and bright and big it looked (not huge, but bigger than a star/plane/or helicopter). There was no sound whatsoever. I thought my mom was crazy, but now I am wondering myself.

UFO Sighting Light reported Muncie IN 2019

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