Bright Silver UFO Sphere viewed in bright daylight TN. see report

White Silver UFO Sphere reported Lebanon TN 9-30-17

UFO Sighting occurred over Lebanon TN at Approximately 5:00 PM Saturday 9/30/17 I looked up into a nearly cloudless sky and saw a bright white/silver sphere that appeared approximately 5 times larger than a typical star. For about 10 minutes the UFO was stationary. I retrieved a set of binoculars and steadied them against a fence post. The UFO then appeared to be translucent around the inside with a small solid dot white dot in the center. As I watched the UFO it began slowly moving in a north easterly direction. When first sighted the object was stationary but when it began to move it very gradually did so and then began moving a little faster. I viewed the UFO Sighting for about ten minutes and it was stationary. When it began moving I estimated the time that it would disappear behind the trees to be about another 10 to 15 minutes. Had the movement of the UFO remained the same my estimated time frame would have been correct. Due to the nearly imperceptible increase in speed the object moved out of sight behind the trees. I have seen stars in both the night and day sky, with and without cloud cover. This object was larger, brighter and moved differently than any other stars I have witnessed. A high flying passenger aircraft flew through the sky while the UFO was visible and it was easily distinguishable as a common man made aircraft. The UFO I viewed today was neither a man made aircraft nor a bright planet that is often seen in the daytime sky. There was no possible way that I mistook the moon to be the UFO Sighting I witnessed. mufon cms# 87044

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