Bright Red Orange Sphere UFO Sighting reported Cecil PA

My husband and I were on our way home, coming up a hill from 980 Road (McDonald PA towards Cecil PA) when at the top of the hill we both saw a very bright red (almost had orange to it also) UFO sphere. For a very split second we both thought firework because it was July 4th and all but then quickly realized this UFO Sighting didn’t have a smoke tail, no immediate implosion or noises made like it could have been a firework. UFO Sighting was absolutely silent where we were at this moment because we had the radio off and windows down. The best way to explain or reference how high this "UFO" sphere was in the sky, was that it was just above the distant tree line (10 or less miles out I’d say) but close enough to looked pretty large and to be able to see the "UFO" sphere shape to it from the bright glow. We both realized we have never ever seen a tower where this sphere was and it was definitely bigger than a blinking red tower light in the semi short distance it was from us and this was entirely way too bright to not have noticed something that obvious the hundreds of times we’ve driven this route home. The UFO sphere’s motion was pretty stagnant, did not obviously flash it had veils of transparency from its glow but nothing could be seen indefinitely from where we were, solid but a beautiful bright in between tones of red & orange glow in color. We passed through some dense tree area trying to figure out what we just saw & my husband saw it through the trees but it looked further away and smaller in size. We attempted to turn at the bottom of the hill (Rt. 50) to try and follow it but half way down the road we hadn’t caught any sight of it and thought it would have disappeared by the time we could get to a good clearing. Neither of us have ever seen something that beautifully bright before. We tried to think of everything possible that it could have been and rationally there is nothing to justify it. The video of the woman in SC or NC who recorded the red sphere in the sky (December of 2018, I believe) is exactly what we saw and she literally explained and described the same exact thing we saw identical. Even the same questions talking through the what it could have been. The only difference is that this UFO Sighting was much closer to us then where it was to her, in her video. However the imagine on her video did not give any justice to what you saw with the naked eye.

Bright Red/Orange Sphere UFO reported 7_4_19 Cecil PA

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