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Bright Orange UFO Sighting Reported

At approximately 9:20pm on Saturday, April 4th of 2020, my aunt and uncle were outside, back behind their out-of-town house. After a few minutes, they noticed an orange, almost reddish UFO light above the far treeline that they'd never seen before, and after observing it briefly my uncle pulled out his phone and began recording it.

(1) After watching it hover in place for a few minutes, they watched the UFO Sighting slowly move towards and subsequently disappear behind the treeline, before reappearing a few minutes later (about 10 minutes or so), this time in a slightly different spot. My uncle pulled out his phone and began recording again, and then passed the phone to my aunt so he could use his binoculars to get a closer look at the UFO.

(2) My aunt, unfortunately, ends up losing sight of the UFO with the camera about 57 seconds in, and they head down the driveway in an attempt at getting a better view of it - but it ends up disappearing again.

The third UFO video picks up once it appears for the third time, and my uncle gets a good look at it through his binoculars. He described it as a ball of orange "UFO" light with a sort of yellow aura around it, and the light emanating from it seemed to be coming from the bottom of the UFO, and traveling up it. The UFO Sighting made no noise (though there is a highway located a bit far in the opposite direction, and the noises you hear occasionally are from passing cars). After watching the UFO sit still for about 3 minutes, it begins to move again (though hard to see as the camera is zoomed in, it happens at about 3:28), and then 12 seconds later at 3:40 in the video, it completely vanishes from the sky. My uncle observes it as it does so, and says that in its place was what looked to be a black orb, with a sort of "smoke" around it.

The UFO Sighting made no noise that they could hear, and this is the only time that they've seen anything like it there (they've been living in that area for some years). I've been up there as well and haven't seen anything like it, either. NUFORC  Kirkwood New Jersey
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