Bright orange UFO light slowly moved toward me Triumph ID 12/10/16

Orb UFO Sighting Triumph ID 121016

At 11:24 pm I was getting out of bed and noticed an unusual orange UFO light out of my south facing window. I immediately opened the window to observe the UFO. It appeared just above Mind Bender ridge at about 22 degrees above the horizon off to my right moving slowly towards me from the west. The UFO was a bright pale orange color and was flickering-shimmering. As the object moved towards me for about a minute and a half it stayed at the same altitude which I am guessing was about 3000-5000 above me. When the UFO was directly above me I ran outside so I could continue to observe. Moving very slowly the UFO seemed to be almost hovering and as I watched it I thought I could see it wobbling or wavering a little. Just after I started observing outside UFO started ascending, within 20 seconds it had become a small point of light still moving east but at an apparently greater speed moving about like a distant airliner would appear. After the UFO was out of sight, about 4 or 5 minutes after I first sighted it I went back inside and as I walked back into my bedroom I noticed another bright orange light being reflected off the east facing window. I quickly looked around and saw that it was another identical UFO in my south facing again. This second UFO followed the same path in the same manner. This time when the UFO drifted overhead out of my view from the window I ran outside again but the object was gone. I now wish I had climbed out the window so not to have lost sight of the second UFO. Time was 11:30 after second sighting. Both UFOs were orb or disc shaped but I could not see any other features because of the brightness and distance of the UFOs, also they were silent and there were no other aircraft visible during or directly after this sighting. My feelings about this went as follows,I knew within a couple of seconds that I was looking at a UFO of some sort and was happy and excited to see it. I wanted to do my best to observe and describe it objectively thus leading me to open the window to view it with no distortion from the glass and then to run outside and stand in the snow in my underwear and bare feet. I was all that much more excited to see the second UFO. I was hoping to witness some utterly convincing burst of speed or abrupt direction change but what I saw totally convinced me of its unidentified nature. Living in an area with a history of UFO Sightings I felt lucky to see this and possibly give more credence to what others have reported. mufon cms# 80920

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