Boomerang UFO Sighting Newmarket Canada ON

It was a boomerang shaped UFO that had faded rainbow color and went around it self in circles and changed altitude once in a while. Me and my friends stood in front of our street, a humid street with no cars coming at the time we just sat down and started staring at it because of how beautiful it was, I have seen many other UFOs before with my family in my life but this one was different, it was going in circles and it was clear, like you could actually see that it wasn't a drone, or anything humans could imagine making of. The BOOMERANG shaped object was always shining with faded colors of a rainbow, like a LED light that just shows faded colors if you know what I mean, I have one that's why I can relate easily. I noticed that the UFO Sighting had kind of a transparent tail that at the end of it was a shiny red light and it was flashing. The UFO Sighting flew around itself for 10 minutes went up and down in altitude and changed direction a few times and just went in circles and up and down, and it was always flashing with that faded colors, it was like a dream! Boomerang UFO Sighting Newmarket Canada ON occurred on March 19th 2019.

Boomerang shape UFO Sighting reported Newmarket Canada ON

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