Bombshell UFO Sightings Revelation Emerges

The United States Air Force (USAF) was the agency responsible for the investigation of reports of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) years after Project Blue Book was terminated. Stunningly the USAF coordinated their investigation and findings with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). Combined the USAF and FAA accomplish detailed follow on investigations if required.This utterly flies in the face of what was stated by the Secretary of the USAF, Dr. Robert C. Seamans Jr.on the 17th of December, 1969. It was on that date he announced that Project Blue Book the USAF's long term UFO Sightings investigative effort had finally concluded. It was stated that the decision to discontinue UFO Sightings investigations had been made and that no evidence has been presented to indicate that further investigation of UFOs by the Air Force is warranted. Further there is no likelihood of renewed Air Force involvement in this area.Other agencies from the US Navy to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) have made even harsher statements. NORAD has stated Neither this command, nor the USAF investigate or analyse UFO sightings be they civilian or military sourced.

Now a 1976-era letter from the US Army's Fort Rucker of all places has proved otherwise.And even THEY were involved in UFO investigation too, it seems The Army were responsible for UFO events at unit level when required and if a UFO Sighting event caused damage injury or death then the United States Army Agency for Aviation Safety (USAAAVS) would be responsible for investigation!In sum the USAF continued to investigateUFO Sighting cases long after Blue Book finished, but this time they coordinated their investigation and findings FAA. When required they accomplished detailed follow on investigations. None of this has been admitted before. Where are the files? How many cases did the USAF and the FAA coordinate of ? Why were they saying the opposite for years and years? We can thank the Herbert B. Strickland and Col. Samuel P. Kalagian, both based at the US Army's Fort Rucker for this expose. source Paul Dean

Bombshell UFO Sightings Revelation Emerges

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