Bob Lazar Analysis UFO Footage 22816

UFO News Bob Lazar

This Analysis Shows He Was Telling The Truth. 

This is professionally enhanced footage that was shot on the outskirts of Area 51 by Bob Lazar, Gene Huff and John Lear back in 1989. Bob knew the test flight schedule, on Wednesday nights, when they flew the flying disks that were held at S4. This is the footage remastered in 2015.

Given access to raw "uncompressed video material" and it allowed to extract all video data from the "original frames". In this video, which has been filmed by Bob Lazar and the KLAS TV team back in 1989 at the Area 51/S4, where they personally took tremendous risks, we will show you a genuine U.F.O. and this in full detail. Forensic style image - and video enhancement applications - and to most of you unknown techniques have been used to make this UFO completely visible. We have managed to expose the inner parts of the UFO by using BAS - and PTM technology. (The UFO is transparant). We also will regularly release more videos of this particular project and of different type of UFO, filmed by "professional film teams" world wide, so stay tuned!" New Bob Lazar Analysis UFO Footage Video Here  credit A Mysterious Universe

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