Blue Aura UFO Appears Through Kitchen Window Reported

A big bright Blue Crystal Ball shaped UFO Sighting appeared outside of my kitchen window about 50 yards away. The people behind me own 70+ acres of big open land, so it looked like it could have been over that land. UFO Orb started small and got rapidly bigger, emitting an intense blue light with an aura around it. It made a noise at the same time, sending my dogs to run to the door and bark. The noise was a zing or the sound of a garage door opening (we don’t have a garage) and I thought the power was going to go out, but it didn’t. I couldn’t take my eyes off of this. UFO Sighting last about 3 seconds, then rapidly disappeared. I peered outside and did not see anything afterward. It was not high up in the sky- it was about tree height. I considered lightning, cop car, fireworks- none of which it was. There was no other explanation for the weird phenomenon I saw. Sykeville MD. 10/25/21 UFO Report.

Image Below Is a Depiction Of UFO Report.

Blue UFO Orb

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