UFO Ball of Light above the road

The UFO Sighting was a big ball of light and above the road. I saw this same UFO with a friend driving in North Smith Field a different part of the state at the exact same hours at 1:00 AM and it's the second time within 4 months seen by someone else other then me which is the weird part that freaks me out. Only seems to be seen while driving home because I go to my friends house every weekend to watch sports and have to drive home at 1 am. UFO Sighting fazes into a ball of light around 8 or stories above the highway and flies in a stealth mode slightly faster speed then the car and after 5 seconds fazes out of visibility and disappears. Goes in a really odd looking super straight line that looks unreal. No other concerning observations about the UFO Sighting rather then it keeps appearing around the state at a similar height around 1 am only when almost no one is on the roads. NUFORC UFO Sighting occurred on Feb. 23rd 2020 over Kingstown RI. Unidentified Flying Object Wikipedia

UFO Sighting was a big ball of light

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