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El Yunque Rain Forest Alien Encounters

El Yunque Forest PR Linda S

Encounters with Alien Creatures in
El Yunque Rain Forest, East of Puerto Rico. Small article extracted from the book " El Yunque: A Portal to Other Worlds "By Jorge Martín - All rights reserved. In this short article we are discussing three cases of encounters with humanoid beings of the so called 'Grays' type, with unique details, which occurred in the area known in Puerto Rico as El Yunque rain forest (three out of dozens of such encounters that have occurred there), including a video-photo of one of these creatures, obtained by Mr. Benjamin Laureano.

We also show in the article a stone sculpture found in that same area, of apparent Taíno aboriginal origin, an archaeological piece that suggests that our indian ancestors, who considered the El Yunque area as the home of their good gods, knew about the existence of these creatures there, and represented them in stone. Read and judge yourself about this matter.

" The creature was examining a plant ... "

One such encounter, with unique details , was experienced by former US ARMY office Marshal E. Chamblin, now retired, and who lives in Luquillo, Puerto Rico.

Mr. Chamblin used to explore the El Yunque mountain range and its forest in his spare time.
During one of his explorations he went deep into the forest with two friends of his, deep into the sector known as 'Pitahaya', located in the North-East sector of the forest.

There, he encountered, " ... a rare creature which seemed to be studying carefully and delicately the leaves of a plant."

He described the creature as "...some three feet high, with a large egg-shaped head and large teardrop-shaped dark eyes in a vertical position, and very thin arms."

"The creature's skin -he said- was beige-brownish color in color, and its torso looked wide, but it had a narrow neck. It's whole beige colores body was covered with brownish and blackish spots". Apparently, it had no clothes at all (see photo #1, with illustration made by the witness) ."

Because of the dense vegetation at the site, Mr.Chamblin could not see any details about the creature's feet.

Fearing that if his friends saw the creature they would try to approach it and it would flee the site, he said nothing, devoting himself to observe it as much as he could.

According to Chamblin, "...the creature was watching very carefully a broadleaf plant and moved both its hands in a very gentle and slow manner from one side to the other of the plant's leaves, close to it and doing the same the leaves underside, which seemed to me as if it was 'feeling' something from the plant."

Suddenly,the creature seemed to feel the gaze of Mr. Chamblin and quickly turned his head, and they both observed each another carefully for some moments, after which Chamblin began approaching the creature in a slow pace as the small creature remained there, staring at him.

He looked back to see if his companions were following him, and when he looked to the site where the creature was, it had disappeared disapeared from his sight in the dense canopy of the place.

" That creature was examining that plant, I have no doubt of that ," stated Mr. Chamblin.

Mysterious Stone Head

Some archaeological findings seem to confirm the presence of such creatures in the Puerto Rican forest of El Yunque for a long time, even perhaps for centuries.

In the south-eastern part of the forest, going up road 191 from the sector known as 'Campo Florida' (which belongs to the municipality of Naguabo) towards Cubuy sector, there used to be a small restaurant owned by Mr. 'Junior' Luyando, who also liked to explore the forest together with some with friends, at remote points of it, and thanks to his explorations he had made interesting archaeological finds.

Some of his findings were displayed in his restaurant, two of which were two heavy and hard granite rock heads which he had found along with some pre-Columbian Indian pottery and axes, in a cave located at a high spot in the mountain range, close to the area of Espíritu Santo river.

One of the heads of granite showed two vertical teardrop-shaped empty eye sockets, a large and massive 'cranium', and a very narrow and pointy jaw (see photo #2), and it certainly bears a striking similarity to the appearance of the mysterious humanoid creatures which many witnesses claim to have seen in different areas of the forest, and to the one observed by Mr. Chamblin.

Mr. Luyando told us that used to go to said 'cave' and he had found some "very strange things", also stating that on several occasions he had been visited by personnel from the US Forest Service, who administer the forest , who asked him where was it that he had found the 'heads, and the location of the alleged 'cave'.

" As a matter of fact - Luyando told us- they even wanted to buy me the stone heads. On a couple of times they showed me blank checks for me to write the amount of money I wanted for them, but I did not do the business. I won't sell them for anything they would be willing to pay, because they part of our heritage, our history, and they are important to me".

Are Mr. Luyando's stone heads depictions of heads or skulls of some of the entities or creatures that live in the forest, which our aboriginal ancestors used to also see in that area, as still happens today?

And why such an unusual interest by the US forest authorities, who wanted to take control over them?
Was it by mere archaeological interest, or perhaps their main interest was to prevent the general public from gaining access to them and being able to see the great similarity they had with the description given today by many witnesses who have encountered this strange humanoid creatures in the forest?

The fact is that the existence of these stone heads suggests that the presence of such entities has been known for a long time, perhaps centuries in the area, and even our Taíno-Arawak indian ancestros left evidence of this in these strange and enigmatic stone heads sculptures.

It is needless to say that Mr. Luyando did not reveal to us the location of the site where he found these pieces, but we came to the knowledge later learned that the site is located somewhere in the Sabana sector of the forest, close to the area known as "Llanos del Rio Prieto".

However, apart from anecdotal or testimonial evidence of the presence of such creatures in the forest, there 's also video evidence.

Creature Filmed in Video

One night in December 1997, a group of youngsters composed by Mr. Benjamín Laureano, Mr. Danny Quiñones and two other companions, went to the site of "La Coca Falls" high in Highway 191.

They parked their car at the road's edge and Laureano grabbed a portable Panasonic video camera of his.
The intention of the group, who were interested in the UFO subject and also in enjoying the nature at the site, was to meditate, and see if they could see any UFO-related event.

They were far from knowing that that night they would join the large number of witnesses who have experienced encounters with anomalous creatures and UFOs in that area.

After meditating Danny Quiñones began playing a flute, and at that time they all heard something heavy fall from the high branches of a tree behind of them, and looking they saw a strange creature trying to hide behind the bushes.

They ran to where the creature was, behind a tree, looking at them, and Laureano lit the camera and started filming what was happening, aided by the light of the lamp of the camera.

He pointed the camera to the spot where the creature was and filmed for several seconds, and after that the creature ran and lost in the weeds in the dark of night.

Excitedly, they examined the recording and indeed, the image of the mysterious figure was in the video.

After this, the group communicated with us at a radio program we had by those days in NotiUno Radio Station, in Sanm Juan, to let us know about the incident and the video they.

Reviewing the tape with them I corroborated that there was in it an image of an extremely thin creature some four feet tall ( I can say this because the next day I went with the group to the site and took measures of the tree's trunk, together with separate testimonies of the witnesses, and was able to determine the size of the creature).

The creature observed in the video which seemed to have a greenish-grayish hue to its skin, with a shiny oily appearance.

Although everything happened very quickly, you could see the that the creature had long arms and walked on two legs.

With a quick movement it jumped out from behind the bushes at the right of the image and behind the trunk of the tree to its left, in an apparent attempt to hide itself from the group of youngsters, but also, on a couple of occasions it looked out at them from the left side of the tree, and its face could be clearly seen.

The creature's head was semi-triangular in shape, wide and rounded at its top and with a very narron jaw. It had two very large and elongated dark eyes which slanted upwards in an almost vertical fashion.

At one point, perhaps because the camera's lamp light affected its eyes, the creature blinked his eyes, and we could see that it had two eyelids or two different membranes over its eyes, one of which opened and shut sideways and another one that opened and closed up and down, in a vertical fashion.

Moments later the creature ran swiftly to its left and disappeared amid the dense vegetation of the forest.

We showed the video to several veterinarians and biologists in Puerto Rico and none of them could identify what type of animal species 'animal' the creature seen in it could belong to.

Only one of them, Dr. Carlos Soto, said that to some extent the detail of those membranes in his eyes made him think that it could be related to a reptile origin, but clearly, based on its physical dtails, it was something different, with a defined humanoid physical appearance. He was astonished by what he saw in the video.

We took a picture of the image of the head of the creature as it was looking out from behind the tree trunk, and make a duplicate of it, which we inverted, and joined both ends, so we could see how its face really looked like, and surprisingly, the image obtained was very similar to what witness Marshall Chamblin described as the creature he encountered in Pitahaya sector and also to Mr. 'Junior' Luyando's stone head .

We have shown here the facts. It is up to you to now to reach your own conclusions on the situation currently going on in El Yunque Rainforest, in Puerto Rico.

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