Retired Police Officer Recalls UFO Sighting Hugo Oklahoma

Cylinder UFO Sightings report July 2016

On July 20th, 2016, while riding my motorcycle down the Indian Nation Turnpike in southern Choctaw County in Oklahoma, I noticed a long cylindrical shaped UFO flying at relatively low altitude (approx. 500ft), in a south/southwest direction. At first, observation,the UFO was almost directly overhead, moving at a slow airspeed. It appeared to have no windows or outside structure and was very bright, almost chrome against the blue sky. For the purpose of my statement, the time was 1615 hrs, weather was mostly sunny with temperatures near 100 degrees. The UFO, continued on a straight line plan for another 3-4 miles, until it abruptly came to a hovering position. It remained there for approximately 30 seconds, before what is best described as a split-second flash of white light. At this time, the object no longer had a bright chrome appearance, but was dark in color as well as appeared to have either changed shape to either a smaller circular UFO object, or I was simply viewing it from only one angle (front or rear). After remaining in the hovering position for no more than 10-15 seconds, the UFO accelerated vertically at VERY high speed, until it was no longer visible. At no time, did the UFO make any exhaust or condensation trail, nor could I make out any sound. I did not stop to retrieve my cell phone from my bikes saddlebag, simply because I did not want to break visual eye contact. If I had tried to do so, I would have not witnessed the entire event. Having been around all types of aircraft during my career, I have never witnessed this level of advanced flying characteristic. The vertical speed was far beyond that of any aircraft I have seen. To note, there are no major airports in the area. There is however, a small county airport that houses only a few personal fixed wing aircraft and a med-flight helicopter. The nearest military installation is the McAlester Army Ordinance Depot, which was 50-60 miles north of my location. To my knowledge, they house no aircraft. The above statement is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. 07-21-16 MUFON CMS # 77824

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