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Black Triangular Shaped UFO Watching Me

Headed home I   noticed a really bright stationary flashing UFO in the distance on 1-19 on a clear night at 6:50 pm   it was flashing red, green, and white. First noticed it at the southwest, at 210 degrees. There were absolutely no other known aircraft   in the sky at the time. Still hovering as I   moved into my driveway. The actual spot where it had been hovering was on the west side of the sky of my house. Getting out of my car it was still hovering in the same spot until I   got onto my porch to hopefully capture the UFO Sighting on camera. It was about 7:05 pm   when it started to move towards my house. It moved pretty fast until the craft slowly moved directly underneath my house. It almost seems as if it was watching me.

The moon was just south underneath my house. The UFO Sighting was headed southwest behind my house. As it passes through overhead, it passed the moon and that's when I   could see the shape of it. About the size of two cars and triangular in shape. The lights were on each point of the craft. The unusual thing was that it had no sound. Just as I   tried to capture this thing, it disappears. I   could not tell the elevation of it, but it was low enough that I & nbsp; could see the shape of it as it passed the moon. I'm not quite sure what I   saw tonight. although this is not   the first time I have seen something strange in the skies of West Virginia. One of the UFO Sighting encounters I   had to share. mufon cms# 113362 Morgantown West Virginia 01/23/21 Image is a depiction of reported UFO Sighting.

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