Black Hazy Solid Doughnut Shaped UFO Sighting reported 10-15-17 Houston TX.

Houston Texas 10-15-17 Black UFO Sighting Reported

UFO Sighting reported 10-15-17 over Houston Texas. UFO Report reads as follows: I was at the apartment complex pool area in my bathing suit between 3 and 4:pm in my bathing suit. Mind you, I have never reporting seeing any UFO Sighting in the sky and feel very hesitant to do this. I have asked a few friends and I don't think it's a drone. I was on the lounge chair and to my right I noticed something flying over head in the sky. This is Houston and it is hot enough to be at the pool and swim.I don't know why I noticed as I had sun glasses on and wanted to nap. I can include a photo of the area later of where I saw this UFO Sighting. I got up off the lounge chair and there was Solid Black Ring Shaped UFO propelling itself over three line and over the apartment buildings, now mind you they are two stories but this UFO is well above two stories. It was a sunny hot day. The UFO was crooked and going pretty fast. It was not a balloon as these don't fly or look like circles. A drone spins and this was not spinning. It cleared a short amount of space and vanished into the clouds. It could be easy to say that it was a product of Johnson Space Center, I have no idea why it would be flying around up here. You could say it was a toy. I don't know if flying toys go that high and I didn't see anyone nearby with a remote control. All I can say a boy at the pool who is under age saw it too. I had him look with me as he was the only nearby with his grandmother. He had no idea either. I have never seen anything like it and I do not take drugs and of sound mind. mufon cms# 87367 

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