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Ball of Light UFO Photographed over Oregon U.S. 41516

UFO Ball of Light photo Oregon

I was on my bicycle headed towards Walmart. I stopped at the bridge to take pictures of the awesome sky. The Parking lot behind Grease Monkey's was perfect for sky observing because it didn't many buildings or trees obstructing the sky. 

I whipped out my cellphone, and took a snapshot of the sky. After the second picture, I went back and looked at the pictures more closely to make sure they came out just right, and noticed a white star like UFO in front of the clouds. I looked up and could not see the UFO. So I took another picture of the same area. The white UFO appeared in the third photograph, slightly to upper right of its previous location. It was moving. Again, I looked up, and wasn't able to see the UFO. Since I couldn't see the UFO, and it only appeared on photograph, I just took random pictures of that area, trying to track the movement. 

After 6 random pictures, the UFO must have disappeared to the south east high above the horizon. My educated guess is it noticed I was taking pictures, and moved into the clouds to conceal itself. 

I left that parking lot and continued on to Walmart. 

After returning from Walmart, I plugged my cellphone to the computer, and viewed those pictures I had taken earlier. I noticed the white UFO in 6 of the 10 pictures that were taken. My cellphone is a Nokia Lumia 920, and normally takes excellent night pictures as a smart phone. Sorry for the fuzziness as I was too excited to adjust my exposure values, and the camera probably had fingerprints all over it. MUFON CMS #75825

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