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Since the arrival of the first Europeans in the New World it is said the story of the legendary city of gold in the middle of the forest, also known as El Dorado. As first he chose to look fabulous town along the Rio Negro, Spanish conqueror Francisco de Orellana. In 1925 he chose the 58 year old explorer Percy Fawcett in Brazilian forests, in order to find the mysterious lost city "Z". Together with his team, however, he disappeared without a trace and his story sparked sensation at the time. Despite countless rescue missions Fawcett was never found.

In 1906 the Royal Geographical Society - UK organization that promoted scientific expeditions Fawcett offered the opportunity to explore part of the border area between Brazil and Bolivia. In Mato Grosso he spent 18 months and during various expeditions possessed him stories of lost civilizations in this area. In 1920, Fawcett came across in the National Library in Rio de Janeiro on paper from 1753 titled Manuscript 512. The author was a Portuguese explorer who claimed that deep in the Region of Mato Grosso discovered walled city - reminiscent of the culture of ancient Greece. The manuscript described the lost city inlaid with silver-story building, with a raised stone arches and wide streets leading to the lake, where the explorer saw two white Indians in canoes. Fawcett named it Lost City of ~Z~.

In 1921, Fawcett made the first of many expeditions in search of the Lost City of ~Z~, but finding him very often complained forest, dangerous animals and a number of diseases. From his last trip Percy returned. In April 1925, the last time tried to find the city, this one was better equipped and funded by a number of newspapers, companies, including the Royal geographical society. In the last letter home, which delivered one of the members of his team Fawcett wrote to his wife, Nine: "... We hope that in a few days we move across the territory ... You do not have to be afraid of failure." That was the last time anyone heard of them.

Although Fawcett Lost City of ~Z~ has never been found. A host of ancient sites and relics of religious sites in forests in Guatemala, Brazil, Bolivia and Honduras. With advances in exploration technology, it is possible that one day appears in the legendary city of ~Z~.  


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