Apollo Luna Missions collected rocks and other geological samples

"Samples were intentionally saved for a time when technology and instrumentation had advanced to the point that we could maximize the scientific return on these unique samples," said Ryan Zeigler, Apollo sample curator, and Manager of the Astro-materials Acquisition and Curation Office of the Astro-materials Research and Exploration Science (ARES) Division at the Johnson Space Center, one of the scientists advocating for the opening of the samples. "Given the recent renewed interest in the moon, and specifically about the volatile budget of Lunar Regolith, these sealed samples likely contain information that would be important in the design of future lunar missions." What's Inside NASA's Sealed Apollo-Mission Moon Boxes? --"May Solve NASA's Biggest Mysteries"In 1969, astronauts aboard the Apollo missions collected rocks and other geological samples from the surface of the moon, sealed them in special containers, and…DAILYGALAXY.COM..credit Frank Stalter

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