Alien Sirens Came Calling

Here is an interesting tale of celebrity astrologer in Australia during the 1930s and 1940s, who took up a deep interest in flying saucers, was a hostess, of sorts, to George Adamski's visit to Australia, allegedly was involved in multiple witness psychic predictions of UFO Sighting appearances, got caught up in a saucer contact circle - "the Nucleus of Five", then started a Contact connection with Aliens from Mykal, then started predicting big geological turmoil. Its a strange & wild tale. 

theozfiles: June Marsden: "Alien Sirens came calling"

June Marsden: "Alien Sirens came calling"
Research, investigations & commentary from Bill Chalker, author of "The OZ Files - the Australian UFO Story" (1996), "Hair of the Alien - DNA and Other Forensic Evidence for Alien Abductions" (2005) and Australian chapter author of the UFO History Group's foundational reference work "UFOs and Government. 

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