A definite Sighting of a UFO not anything man made here on earth in broad daylight

UFO Sighting Saucer shape reported Pembroke Dock GB 9-11-17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: My Girlfriend and I where walking the dog on a quiet Sunday evening. On top of a local hillside, that is a golf course. Noticed the UFO Sighting in my peripheral vision, due to the sun reflecting and glinting off it. As the UFO Sighting approached from the SE. I thought how strange as not like any plane or helicopter? I have seen many types of aircraft. Also read lots of books on aircraft. Nothing at all like this. 

The UFO was silver and reflective. Like dull chrome or brushed aluminium. Egg shaped. It was quite large. 30 to 40 feet across. It was traveling in a straight line quite fast into the wind. Which was very constant and strong at ground level. 30mph straight in off the sea in a SW direction. The UFO Sighting was at about 1000 feet up. So wind would be far stronger at that altitude. It was traveling at about 3 or 4 times the top speed of a helicopter. 

I had a view for at least 20 seconds. My girlfriend for about 15 seconds as I had seen it first. It passed in front of us both. We where both totally focused on it and stunned. It was silent and left no vapour trail. It was illuminated, as the sun was shining directly on it. As if it was in a spotlight This enabled details to be seen. There where clearly a constant band of square or oblong windows with ribs or frames between them. Or may have also been vents? These where in a belt around the centre of the craft. These appeared not to be so reflective as the body of the craft. The body of the craft was totally sleek and smooth. 

The UFO headed straight for a huge cloud mass which was a bit grey as if a shower cloud. It entered the cloud purposely, as if they knew they where exposed and on full view from the ground. We both scanned constantly around the edges of the cloud mass also tried to see another glimpse though the cloud. The cloud was breaking up due to the high winds and the fact the day was one of big areas of blue sky with big fast moving fluffy clouds. When the cloud started to fragment. The craft had completely disappeared??? 

We could only ascertain that they had used the cloud as cover in order to gain altitude into the stratosphere and beyond? We both then discussed and confirmed what each other had seen. We also looked around the area for other witnesses. However there was nobody around until at least five minutes after. Another couple out walking. 

We told them what we had just seen. They had not seen anything and thought we where a bit crazy. We did not care as we where both 100% sure of what it was we had seen. NOT what we thought we had seen? We would both without hesitation would testify on under oath in a court of law to it. We both felt excited, privileged, a little bit unsettled. Later, we both felt it was a life changing event. As it changed our believes and understanding of what we thought we knew for sure. 

It has opened up or minds. It has also allowed us to discuss all the possibilities that this raises. Of us not being the only ones in the cosmos. Also there are beings far more advanced than us, visiting our planet watching us. We are unable to do anything like. It makes our space exploration look pathetic. We have not even explored our front doorstep in comparison. 

The reason I have reported this on here also on another site called UFO Clearinghouse? The post has also appeared on Facebook? Is surly somebody else locally had seen this? As the UFO would have had to pass over a small neighbouring town called Pembroke. It would be nice to have this sighting corroborated. 

I have reported this quickly and accurately while all details a fresh in our minds. I have not reported anything like this before? I have not really believed or give this any real thought before this happened. I am not a person who sees ghosts or believes in paranormal stuff. I have absolutely NO reason to hoax, or want publicity or get any financial gain from this, I just felt I had to share a such a mind blowing encounter. mufon cms# 86634 UFO Sighting occurred over Pembroke Dock GR on Sept.11th 2017

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