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5-6 UFOs appeared 2/8/18 Eastvale CA

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My mother and I went to take out the dogs and witnessed one UFO in front of our home. We would not have noticed it we weren't playing with a new flighttracker24 app. We live near Ontario airport and chino airport, so we were pointing it at the flight path to see where the planes were going. I then looked in the NE horizon of the sky and saw a bright white light over our neighbors house. My mother said thats not a plane. She was right. It wasn't a plan. We watched for a few seconds as it slowed down, dimmed, then vanished. 

After we went back to our pool area and looked up to see if there was anything else in the sky. That's when my mother and I witnessed 4-5 more of those UFOs appear, disappear, then appear in another part of the sky, dim, vanish, and dance around, but the UFOs weren't the weirdest part of this story. The helicopter immediately following the UFOs was the weirdest part. A low flying helicopter came out of nowhere and whizzed by in the direction of our UFO sightings. It was so low and so close, my mom said "put the tracker on that'. She wanted to know if it was a police helicopter. The helicopter didn't register on the radar at all! This thing catches planes miles and miles away. It was right above us flying low. Sometimes the tracker won't tell us about a private aircraft or helicopter, but it ALWAYS shows up on the radar as private or N/A. This did NOT registering. Strange. mufon cms# 90129 

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