14 November 1956 Capital Airlines UFO Sighting incident

UFO News Today marks the anniversary of an important Unexplained Case which you can find in NICAP files and even in the dismissive Condon Report on pp. 127-129. On the night of 14 November 1956 and between 10:10-10:12 PM, Captain W.J. Hull in command of Flight 77's Vicker's Viscount with Capital Airlines experienced an encounter that appears to have been specifically designed for him. Captain Hull had 3 million miles and 17 years of flight experience and was the author of a UFO skeptic article entitled "The Obituary of the Flying Saucer" which appeared in the September 1953 issue of The Airline Pilot magazine.

 While he and his copilot Peter MacIntosh were flying from New York to Mobile, Alabama in the Viscount airliner 10,000 ft, they observed a brilliant UFO bluish-white light descend in a steep downward angle diagonally from left to right from WSW at azimuth 315° to dead ahead SSW at 205° azimuth 30°-40° elevation where it then stopped at the same or slightly higher altitude. Just when Captain Hull radioed Bates tower near Mobile to look for the UFO on radar, the UFO Sighting commenced its schooling of Captain Hull with a series of maneuvers in which it rose and fell, darted back and forth, made instant 90° turns and then hovered motionless again at same/slightly higher level. After Bates Tower returned a radio call, the UFO Sighting again began to move in what Captain Hull described as: "another series of crazy gyrations, lazy 8's, square maneuvers, all the while weaving through the air with a sort of rhythmic, undulating cadence, the likes of which neither Pete nor I had ever seen.

Then, apparently content at the consternation which it had wrought, the UFO Sighting shot out ever the Gulf of Mexico, rising at the most breathtaking angle and at such a fantastic speed that it diminished rapidly to a pinpoint and was swallowed up in the night. This unearthly exhibition probably went on for at least two minutes, according to our best judgment." While he was most certainly not a publicity seeker, written communications from Captain Hull following this event demonstrate that his mind had been changed by the encounter. credit Thomas Owens.

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