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10 minute night UFO sighting photo from my driveway in Baltimore City

Baltimore Maryland UFO Sighting orb Reported march 23 2017

I was returning home from an evening activity on Thursday night, March 23, 2017. When I exited my car in the driveway, I looked up to see what stars were visible, something I do most evenings that I am out. I saw an unusually bright white UFO between two trees on the easterly side of our property. The house next to do sits lower than our house and their lights were all on. The UFO I observed was framed by two of their trees and about two inches above the neighbors roof as I extended my arm and measured with my fingers from the roof to the UFO. I watched the UFO for several minutes then decided to go into the house to get my Sony Cybershot DSC RX100 camera which takes good night photos compared to my iPhone camera. When I went back outside maybe two minutes later I was happy to see the UFO in the same place, framed by the two trees. It didn't seem to have moved at all. I took many photos hoping that some would come out. I just downloaded my photos and to my surprise two came out especially clearly. On January 30, 2017 I had a UFO Sighting in the same easterly direction. I submitted a UFO photo to Maryland MUFON. I have looked in the same direction for other UFO Sightings in the last two months and saw nothing unusual. This is the second UFO Sighting of a white hovering UFO very low in the sky at an unknown distance, but not close up. I needed to zoom in with my camera to capture the photos I took. mufon cms# 82824

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