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UFO Sightings reported Los Angeles CA day after earthquake

Two small UFOs flying in tight formation with no lights, only the light of the city illuminated them. I was in my apartment in Hollywood near the base of Runyon Canyon watching the news coverage of the latest 7.1 earthquake that shook us last night. My apartment balcony looks south and there was a helicopter hover just to the south. It looked like a police helicopter but it had no spotlight on. I think there was maybe one red strobe but I could see the helicopter from the light from the city illuminating it. As I was watching it and wondering why it was just staying there I saw two small white UFOs flying in a curve around and passed the helicopter though I think they were a lot higher. There were no lights and I could see them by the light of the city reflecting off of them. At first I thought there were white birds but they were moving way too fast and their formation stayed perfect. UFO Sighting appeared in a diamond like formation with one slightly in front of and next to the other. As the UFO Sighting came out of the curved flight path UFOs then straightened up and flew west and disappeared in the clouds. nuforc.org

UFO Sightings reported Los Angeles CA 2019

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