Rectangle Shaped UFO reported Melbourne FL

I was driving northbound on I-95 around 9:00 am when I noticed an accident in the opposite southbound lane with traffic building up. As my northbound traffic began to slow down for caution, I looked in the northeast sky over Melbourne, FL, and saw a rectangular shaped glowing UFO in the sky. The UFO Sighting either appear to be emitting an orange glow or was reflecting the rising sun. It appeared to me as a vertical rectangle which was wider at the top than the bottom. The top of the rectangle appeared to have some sort of crests or wings arched out of the rear. I diverted vision from the UFO to open my phone camera and lost sight of the UFO and could not relocate. UFO Sighting occurred on Jan 29th 2020. credit NUFORC  Photo below is an illustration of UFO sighted.

Rectangle UFO reported Melbourne FL

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