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Photo accidentally captures UFO Disk Copper Mountain CO June 2017

Copper Mountain UFO Sighting Disk reported 2017

I was a front-seat passenger riding on HWY 70, a few miles North East from Copper Mountain, CO. We exited onto exit 190, near the Vail Pass Rest Area to take photos of the snow and the semi-frozen lake (Black Lake). As we approached Black Lake on the service road, I began snapping photos of the lake. 4 passengers in our vehicle proceeded to exit the vehicle and take additional photos of the snow in the area and also Black Lake. Once we were on our way back onto Hwy 70, I began to view all of my photos, and to my surprise, I had captured a UFO. After much review of the photo, I have ruled out that the UFO captured in my photo could be a smashed bug on the windshield, a light from inside/outside the vehicle, an airplane, or any other reasonable UFO. We did not hear a sound before, during, or after the photo. In the photo, you can see that all the other items (trees, snow, front hood of vehicle, etc) are clean, crisp, and good resolution in the photo. You can see in the photo that the UFO must be a moving UFO across the sky, since it has a slightly blurred image. At this time of day (6:25 pm) the sun was to my East (left in the photo) and you can clearly see the sun light on the top the UFO and a shadow below the UFO. While I was snapping the photo, I was only looking at my phone screen and at the Black Lake to ensure I was centered on the lake. The driver was not looking in the direction of the UFO to notice it, and the 2 passengers were looking at their respective phones at the time that I snapped this photo. So, there was no one that saw the UFO at the moment the photo was taken. The photo was simply taken at the exact moment this UFO was passing over the tree tops and across Black Lake. mufon cms# 84246

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