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Last two months Oct 2017/Sept 2017 over Rogue Valley Oregon Mass UFO Sightings reported

Multiple UFO Sightings reported over Eagle Point Oregon 10/18/17

UFO Sightings occurred in the Rogue Valley Oregon from September 2017- November 2017 we are seeing Diamond Shaped UFOs when looked through a telescope you can see them with the naked eye they look like stars but they flicker Red and Blue then you notice all the other colors the main event that made us realize what we had been seeing for the last 2 months was not normal I walked outside one night and looked up to the east towards Klamath Falls I saw two UFOs at first that looked like they were hovering around a thousand feet or more above Klamath Air Force Base at approximately 3 in the morning I went and woke up the family that I stay with there was eight of us that observe these UFOs 4 approximately 3 hours we video taped then with a camcorder zoomed as far as it would go and saw that the shape of the UFO Sightings were a hexagon or diamond-shaped with incredibly beautiful lights coming off of them in the days since I have counted one night 15 of these UFOs surrounding the Rogue Valley above the tops of the mountains hovering not orbiting like a satellite on the 9th we videotaped the two massive UFO Sightings over Klamath Air Force Base we saw bright light switch look like explosions directly in between the two UFO Sightings they were approximately 20 miles apart or more then later we observed as the one on the left started moving away because it got smaller and smaller but it stayed in the same height on another night we observed same UFOs different in sizes hovering over the hill behind our house we have also observed one night when we were outside the moon was about three-quarters and we were looking at 2 of the unidentified flying objects as a plane from the Medford Airport took off and started heading for one of them when it got close the plane veered sharply away from the UFO and then started heading towards the other one and then veered again sharply as if the plane headed out over the mountains away from the UFOs as we're observing this one of the youth that lives with me says why did it get just get so bright outside this was approximately at 11 p.m. as she said that I look up at the Moon and it looked like somebody had turned on a light bulb inside of it the Moon is always a grayish color this time of year especially after Fire season I have never seen the moon light up and shine yellow like a light bulb for some reason no one in the valley is talking about it I posted a comment on Facebook telling everybody about it and to look up and I have quite a few friends and only three of them commented back saying that they had been seeing the same UFO Sightings every time we get a clear night I can look up into the sky and see them sometimes there are many miles away and look very small but sometimes there are a lot closer and they are massive this is imperative that you understand that this is still going on it hasn't stopped the earliest I've observed them is 6 in the evening these UFOs hover for sometimes hours and then move two different positions also on the night we videotaped we watched as the giant UFO on the right over Klamath had a smaller but the same blinking light UFO move in close to it these aren't Stars because Stars don't move one way and then back the other way it is the biggest evidence I've ever seen for unidentified flying objects and I have watched a lot of your documentaries these have been moving and appearing and we have witness them now going on 3 months. mufon cms# 87887

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