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A Strange Large Black Cube UFO Sighting reported over Colorado

I had a UFO Sighting of a Black Cube as big as a house or bigger. on April 5, 2020, I saw the strangest thing in broad daylight. I was driving on a highway in Fremont county, Colorado at 9:49 am. I observed to my right (west) a large black box rise from behind a butte and hover in the sky. The sky w…

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Long Snake like UFO with lights Reported over Woodland California

Out front of our house something caught our eye in the sky. UFO Sighting was a Long Snake like craft with bright lights in front and dim lights in the back. UFO Sighting had to have been at least a mile long if not more. It was heading 36 degrees NE from Woodland Hills, CA. Not moving real fast but…

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Silent UFO Triangular craft hovering 75 yrds above road Hudson ME

UFO Sighting Reported of a Triangular Craft was moving VERY slowly over the road. The front of the UFO had three white lights uniformly spaced, and two smaller red lights beneath the middle white light. It was backlit by the sky (almost a full moon) so triangle was very clear to see. The back came t…

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South Australia Dark Cigar Shape UFO Sighting Photo

While photographing an aircraft passing over my house, I noticed a dark cigar shaped UFO fly pass the aircraft at speed, I was lucky enough to get a photo. The Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting was travelling from the east and heading west as it passed the aircraft. The duration of the sighting would have…

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Strange UFO Sightings and Alien Contact Reported in Portland Oregon

I am an experiencer, a UFO sighting now and then is common for me. I typically check specific areas of the sky throughout the day. I was working out in the garage, took a short break to change music, and caught a breath. looked out the garage window to see a UFO. One appeared to be gliding across t…

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Reported Blk Square Rectangular UFO Sighting Appeared from Clouds

Had a UFO Sighting of what looked to be the shape of a box kite lighter colored on the ends with a darker midsection. Came out the bottom of a white low-lying cloud. A big flash of light when it popped down. UFO bounced a little and hovered. Rotated to about the 2 o'clock position and moved off sou…

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Odd Looking Multicolored Shapeshifting UFO UAP Reported Tennessee

I was taking the garbage out at 935 pm as o started back to the house I noticed in the east/southeast sky above the treetops was something odd-looking. This UFO Sighting was extremely bright, was silver but shimmered and it went thru a shimmering state of multi-colors. The UFO UAP first appeared to …

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Shapeshifting UFO seemed to shine like chrome or silver see video

As soon as I noticed the UFO, I removed my phone from my pocket and started to record. While viewing the UFO with my eyes, 5 or more other UFOs were in the clouds glinting. I could see the main UFO changing size and shape with my eyes. while recording, the object changed directional position, which …

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