Early 1947 UFO Incidents New Insight On The Unknowns

The Maury Island UFO incident occurred on June 21 1947. This incident refers to claims made by Fred Crisman and Harold Dahl of falling particles and threats by men in black. All occurring on Maury Island in the Puget Sound in the U.S. state of Washington. What’s more three days later on June 24, 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold claimed that he saw a string of nine shiny objects flying past Mount Rainier.

Objects speeds that Arnold estimated to be at least 12 hundred miles an hour (1,932 km/hr.). ( Equally Important Time Line. June 21 1947 Maury Island UFO incident.| June 24th 1947 Kenneth Arnold UFO Incident.| July 4th 1947 Capt. E. J. Smith. Airline incident.| July 8th 1947 The Roswell UFO Incident. )

Kenneth Arnold 1947 UFO Sighting of Flying Saucers 1947

Arnold’s report garnered nationwide media coverage. His description of the UFOs additionally led to coining the term Flying Saucer and Flying Disc as popular descriptive phrases for UFOs. Ten days later, July 4th 1947 Capt. E. J. Smith, his co-pilot, and a stewardess pronounced witnessing unidentified objects within the Pacific Northwest.

In addition on July 29, 1947 Kenneth Arnold interviewed Harold Dahl, who said:

“On June 21, 1947, in the afternoon approximately two o’clock, patrolling the east bay of Maury Island. I, as captain, on board were two crewmen, my fifteen-year-old son, and his canine. As I looked up from the wheel on my boat I observed six very large doughnut-fashioned objects “

News Paper Cliping of The Maury island 1947 UFO Incident

Dahl in addition claimed that one of the UFOs “started spewing forth what seemed like thousands of newspapers from someplace at the internal of its middle. These newspapers, which turned out to be a white type of very lightweight steel, fluttered down”. He reported that a substance akin to lava rocks fell onto their boat, breaking a worker’s arm and killing a canine. Dahl said his advanced officer, Fred Crisman, investigated.

Dahl also claimed he was later approached by a person in a darkish shape and told not to talk about the incident. Crisman, whilst interviewed, mentioned having recovered debris from Maury Island and having witnessed an uncommon craft. Arnold first recruited Captain E. J. Smith of United Airlines, who had witnessed a flying disc on July 4th, 1947. Crisman showed “white steel” debris to Arnold and Smith, who interpreted it as mundane and inconsistent with Dahl’s description. Arnold then decided to contact Lt. Frank Brown of Army Intelligence, Fourth Air Force Hamilton Field, California.

Brown arrived at Arnold’s home in Tacoma alongside Captain William L. Davidson. Davidson and Brown carried out interviews, collected fragments, and organized for the go-back flight out of McChord. Within the early hours of August 1, 1947, the two officers died whilst the B-25 Mitchell they had been piloting crashed outside of Kelso, Washington on their return to California. The FBI then proceeded to research this case and concluded that Crisman and Dahl’s UFO sightings had been a hoax.

In their documents, they mentioned that Dahl stated that “if questioned by the authorities he was going to say it was a hoax due to the fact he no longer wanted problems over the matter.” also they pursued local newspapers and magazines in hopes to profit by their experience changing their story several times in different media stores.

The FBI file concluded that the “Tacoma Harbor Patrol” was privately owned for income a commercial enterprise organization searching for proprietors of vacation homes on the Island for retaining watch over their houses during the owner’s absence.

Writing in 1956, USAF officer Edward J. Ruppelt concluded “The whole Maury Island mystery turned into a hoax? The primary, in all likelihood the second best, and the dirtiest hoax in the Unidentified Flying Object records.” Ruppelt said:

The majority of the writers of saucer lore have played this UFO Sighting to the hilt, declaring as their essential premise the fact that the story must be proper due to the fact the authorities never overtly uncovered or prosecuted both the two hoaxers. This is a logical premise, but a false one.

Although the reason for the thorough investigation of the Maury Island “Hoax” was that the government had thought seriously about prosecuting the men. At the last minute, it was decided, after talking to the two men, that the hoax was a harmless joke that had mushroomed, and that the loss of two lives and a B-25 could not be directly blamed on the two guys. UFO Hunters: EVIDENCE UNCOVERED of UFO Crash in Washington

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