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White Tic Tac shaped UFO Sighting Air Force Base

Hot no cloud summer day clear skies. Clear view from our golf course backyard due north approx. 10 miles from March Air Force base. We watch the military planes take off and land all the time. UFO Sighting looked similar to white tic tac UFOs seen in recent videos released by us government. UFO Sighting was bright white in color No sound big! moving extremely slow. Too slow for any airplane or helicopter. UFO Sighting was traveling west to east. But, as soon as I noticed it in the sky, it literally stopped. Turned direction on a dime and went slowly back due west, as it climbed slightly. UFO Sighting then climbed up and down, several hundred feet, effortlessly. And, no sound of any propulsion. Object was probably less than 5 miles from march air force base at this time. Able to make out the shape elongated. Tic Tac with slightly higher, graceful looking ends and smaller humps to center over the top. Flat on bottom. No rotation seen of any kind. Object appeared to be floating and hovering. Ran inside to tell hubby I saw a UFO. He lazily walked outside with a beer in his hand. Object had quickly climbed to higher elevation to become a white spec in the sky which he saw I saw a UFO. Hubby saw a white spec. Next time I'll have my binoculars and video camera ready. Not the first times we've seen weird things in the sky near march air force base. It's growing more frequent. mufon cms# 117172 Menifee California 8/04/21. This region has had 11,634 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Mothership UFO Sightings Invade Hong Kong Island

This was a widely reported Mothership type UFO Sightings spreading over many different districts in Hong Kong. Reported UFO Sighting locations, according to various reports, include Yuen Long, Wan Chai, Central, Western District, Victoria Peak, and Southern part of Hong Kong island. I personally witnessed this UFO Encounter event through a window at home on hill top in Stanley facing the West. S. West direction, roughly in the direction of Wah Fu estate. I have managed to acquired 3 separate articles, from various English and Chinese news agencies and publishers 42 years after the phenomena. The articles in Chinese described the observed phenomena as a very large and long object with steady yellow, orange, and blue-green bright lights, with a steady beam of light emitting from the tail side of the object. I have enclosed below the news article in English from Scmp: September 10, 1979 several unidentified flying objects were sighted over Hong Kong the night before. People living on the peak and in Yuen Long reported seeing brightly lit objects shooting across the sky at about 10.45pm. a royal Hong Kong observatory spokesman said it had received reports of the UFO Sightings but said they could have been bolts of lightning. mufo cms# 117175 Hong Kong Island 9/09/79 This Region has had 5 Reported UFO Sightings to date. 

Hong Kong Island UFO Sighting Encounter map

UFO Video Footage Orbs Merging Together Utica NY

He we have a UFO Sighting Video of two UFO Orbs that seemingly merge together during the night over the city of Utica New York. There were four witnesses to this UFO Sighting event as they watched these hovering objects merge.  Click Here To View UFO Video Footage Orbs Merging Together Utica NY 8/04/21  mufon cms# 117176 Utica New York 8/04/21. This region has had 4,164 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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