A Big Soaring UFO Fireball Was Seen Over Ayrshire

New York UFO News: A UFO fireball thundered over Ayrshire skies the previous evening leaving occupants paralyzed.

The tremendous fireball illuminated the night sky not long before 10 pm. In addition it seemed, by all accounts, to be apparent all through Ayrshire and then some.

Large Fireball Streaking Across Night Sky Over Scotland

Local people in Ayr, Kilmarnock, Irvine, Ardrossan, Prestwick, Saltcoats, Alloway, Drongan, and Drybridge have revealed seeing the UFO in the air.

It’s perceived that the UFO was likewise seen in Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Lines, Lanarkshire, and Renfrewshire, as well as Ireland.

The stupendous sighting was seen by many individuals via virtual websites with various local people depicting the object as being ‘rocket-like’. Original Article: Daily Record Homepage: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshir…

One individual posted via a website the previous evening. “Saw it in Kilmarnock before on there, was standing outside conversing with my mum. The two of us were stunned when it was going past us and neither of us could get our telephones out rapidly enough for catch it.”

One more added: “Could be space garbage, the way it’s separating. Either that or a magnesium-rich meteor. Update Fireball Reports Here

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