Startling UFO Witnesses Have There Cell Phones Disabled See Video


UFO NEWS: We have explored numerous remarkable unknown sightings in the past surprisingly it appears we are confronting an interesting new surge of these sightings reports.

Reporting of peculiar lights of unknown craft and bizarre light ball orbs in the night skies.
In addition to these sightings, we have here a report of a large bright orb light. This Orb caused the phones of eyewitnesses to be disabled.

Reported unknown craft were close to an RV park south of Cottonwood, Sedona, Arizona. A massive gathering of bright orbs of lights were seen. In addition, they were seen floating low to the ground.

Anybody in this present circumstance would attempt to get pictures or videos of this amazing sighting. This is what the observers attempted to do. The observers attempted to take pictures and recordings. However, their telephones quit working, and were only able to get some photos.

According to an observer, when I attempted to take pictures, my telephone switched off multiple times. Then my better half shot the items and she was attempting to converse with them.

Furthermore, there was a sighting of gathering lights flying overhead. And there were a different set of lights maneuvering over a slope. Several witnesses of this event telephones were switched off. From that point forward, one of the lights began moving toward the observers rapidly. Landing 100 yards from the observers, then, at that point, began drifting for a brief time frame as indicated by the observers. Startling UFO Witnesses Have There Cell Phones Disabled See Video

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