Economics Student Tim Oliver reported new 1969 UFO Sighting


UFO News: On this day July 11, 1969. 8:30 p.m. Economics Student Tim Oliver reported new 1969 UFO Sighting. He was near a golf course on the outskirts of Beaufort, Victoria, Australia, when he saw a red “star” over the hill about a mile away. On closer inspection, it was a hovering machine “craft”. He quickly goes home, and by the time he returns with his mother in the family car. The unknown craft was joined by another identical object.

Furthermore they are moving about 20 mph to the southeast, 50 feet in the air, 200 feet apart. And they seemed to be parallel to high-powered electrical lines. As they drive right outside the golf course, both craft respond to their presence by turning toward them. And soon returned to their parallel path when Oliver turns the car engine off.

Oliver walks to within 50 feet of the leading object. Each craft is about 30 feet in diameter, saucer-shaped, with an upper flat-topped cupola and about 24 square windows with bright red light. They are silent. Both he and his mother who has watched from the golf course fence. Finally they see the objects disappear to the southeast, still flying parallel to the power lines.

Noteworthy: Fifty-Three years later the public is still asking the same question?. What are these strange bizarre aerial craft?. Where do these crafts originate from?. Who is the intelligence behind such remarkable aerial craft?. Questions that need to be answered through disclosure. Credit Center For UFO Studies

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