New Special First Look At 1947 USAF UFO Report


UFO News:

Pre-Arnold UFO Report Incident. March 3, 1947. Dr. Burton W Trask, Tongus, Maine

This Report case was reported to the USAF after the LIFE magazine article. It was not in the regular Project Blue Book files, but a special file for reports received after the April 1952 LIFE and the later LOOK magazine article.

A number of these cases from WWII can be found on the Project 1947 website. These documents exist only on micro-films. Barry Greenwood has digitized these microfilms as part of the CUFOS Scanning Project. Dr. Trask also reported this incident to a pioneer investigator, George Fawcett. PROJECT 1947 is a world-wide effort to document the origins of the modern Unidentified Flying Object phenomenon. Research for the project has yielded many early-era reports. Credit Jan Aldrich Project 1947


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