Whitley Strieber Now Has A New Book Called THEM


Louis Whitley Strieber contends that he was kidnapped from his cabin in upstate New York during the night of December 26, 1985, via non-humans. He has written this experience and related stories in the book Communion (1987), his first non-fiction book. Although Communion was perceived typically as an account of alien abduction,

Whitley suggests no conclusions that the identification of the alleged abductors. He refers to the beings as “the visitors”,. This name was selected to be as neutral as possible to entertain the opportunity that they’re no longer extraterrestrials.

Neurologist Steven Novella’s feedback that the details of Whitley’s story of waking up apparently paralyzed fits the outline of hypnagogia. This is a reasonably common neurological phenomenon. In addition it has been incorrect by using some for intervention by demons or extraterrestrial beings. For the reason that 1987 Communion, Strieber wrote 4 additional autobiographies detailing his encounters with the visitors.


Transformation (1988), an immediate release; the following Next Step (1995), a reflection on the unique activities and accounts of the sporadic contact he had experienced. The Secret School (1996), in which he examines extraordinary recollections from his childhood; and finally, solving the communion enigma. what’s to come. Whitley Striebers Official Publishes Page here

Strieber reflects on how advances in scientific know-how since his 1987 may additionally shed light on what he perceived, noting, “Among Other Things” considering science he wrote Communion, science has concluded that parallel universes may be real and that time travel may also in some manner be feasible”. The book is a consolidation of unidentified flying object sightings and associated phenomena, which include crop circles, alien abductions, mutilations, and deaths in an attempt to figure out any kind of significant average pattern.

“Strieber concludes that the human species is being shepherded to a higher level of knowledge and existence inside a limitless “multiverse” of matter and energy, space and time”. He additionally writes a greater candidly about the deleterious effects his preliminary reviews had upon him whilst staying at his upstate New York cabin in the 1980s.

Additionally noting, “he was often ingesting alcohol to sleep when we were there. I might listen to the radio till overdue hours, consuming vodka. Different themed books of Strieber’s encompass Majestic (1989), a unique approximately to the Roswell UFO incident; the Communion Letters (1997, reissued in 2003), a set of letters from readers reporting reviews much like Strieber’s encounters.

Confirmation (1998), in which Strieber critiques a spread of evidence that is suggestive of Alien beings, and considers what would be required to provide ‘Affirmation’; The Grays (2006) a unique insight wherein his impressions of Alien contact are offered through a fictional mystery/espionage narrative. And Hybrids (2011) is a fictional narrative that imagines Human/Alien hybrids being born into the modern world. Whitley Strieber Video On His New Book “THEM” here

Them will be released on Kindle and in paperback March 23, and in hardcover and as an audiobook read by me shortly thereafter. Pre-order your Kindle copy now at Amazon.com! https://amzn.to/3l3Qks3

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