The New Exclusive UFO UAP Phenomena Movie


Testimony from high-ranking public officers and Nasa astronauts gives us a number of the most credible evidence of a global phenomena and denial of UFOs. The phenomenon is a 2020 documentary movie with the aid of Ufologist James Fox. It is fox’s 3rd film on the issue of UFO UAP.

First two movies being I know what I Saw (2009) and Out of the Blue (2003). Phenomenon film is narrated by way of veteran PBS narrator Peter Coyote. The movie features interviews with former Senate majority leader Harry Reid. Clinton white house residence leader of group of workers John Podesta.

Former deputy undersecretary for defense intelligence Christopher Mellon. Also former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, UFOlogist Jacques Vallee, and journalist Leslie Kean. Inside the movie, Reid is asked about different evidence and replies “I’m announcing maximum of it hasn’t seen the light of day.”

The Phenomenon film view here includes pictures or archival interviews with Kenneth Arnold, who coined the phrase “flying saucer” after his 1947 sighting. Maj. Jesse Marcel of the Roswell incident, Vallee whose studies exposed the “pentacle memorandum”, witnesses to the Ariel faculty incident and the Lonnie Zamora incident.

This system became first made public on December 16, 2017. System began in 2007, with investment of $22 million over 5 years until the available appropriations resulted in 2012. The system started out in the U.S. D.I.A. Consistent with the Department of Defense, the aatip led to 2012 after five years ended.

Although U.S. reporting programs investigating UFO UAPs continued. This turned into a program in June 2020 with the acknowledgment of a comparable army software. The unclassified but previously unreported unidentified aerial phenomenon mission force. Luis elizondo, who was the aatip program director, went on to work for to the celebrities academy of arts & technology in 2017. Elizondo left the enterprise in 2020.

NYUFO is Seeking UFO UAP Alien Disclosure. We Seek Public Disclosure of Alleged Government Military Classified Information. All in regards to the existence of several different UFO Alien races interacting with Humans, Animals, and Flora of Planet Earth. Furthermore, the Military admits to being less than forthcoming in this disclosure of what they know. Citizens and Senators of the U.S. say the government should take this issue more seriously we agree.

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