More UFO Attraction Over New Zealand Video


UFO Recorded last evening (09/02/2023)
This UFO was large extremely bright light/orb, as big as planet Jupiter, visually, was sighted crossing our sky. After checking the ISS timetable for New Zealand region & it’s not the ISS.”

RECORDED: 09 FEB 2023, 9:21 PM (2121 hours)
FLIGHT PATH: West to Southeast

More UFO Attraction Over New Zealand Video.

“These UFO Sightings are currently roaming randomly in abundance high up above earth’s orbiting levels. You can see them too from your locations during clear nights an hour after sundown. Recorded close to 1000 videos of them to date over New Zealand.”

In addition “The naked eye will see them as white ‘orbs’ animated stars moving briskly, sometimes erratically in the dark clear skies. Man-made satellites are located between 160km – 2000 km which are generally the size of a bus. Commercial aircraft are generally found from 0.1km – 8km in height.”

Equally Important NYUFO is Seeking UFO UAP Alien Disclosure. We Seek Public Disclosure of Alleged Government Military Classified Information. All in regards to the existence of several different UFO Alien races interacting with Humans, Animals, and Flora of Planet Earth. Furthermore, the Military admits to being less than forthcoming in this disclosure of what they know. Citizens and Senators of the U.S. say the government should take this issue more seriously we agree.

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