New Bizarre Surge Of UFO Sightings Recorded


NYUFO: UFO Orb triangular formations startled residents of Washington D.C. back in 1952. These geometric patterns in the sky has been reported since the beginning of written history. Until now they were viewed as simply other unique UFOs, some type of paranormal or angels. And many other explanations have been reached.

Hundreds of geometric formations of orbs, and thousands of photographs, diagrams, and charts, have been documented during the long history of UFOs.

There is something extraordinary behind these cryptic lights in the sky. One must think about it for yourself. The sightings have continued in different places of the world and are reported on an almost daily basis.

We have investigated many of these sightings before, but we have never reached a definitive explanation that they belong to the planet Earth. Also, we have not yet obtained conclusive evidence that reveals the source of these mysterious flying objects.

No government or official response about them before, and until now, none of them provided an acceptable explanation. In Island Park, New York, UFO Sighting, or what we call a UFO orb, flies directly over a house and then quickly takes off into the sky see video.

Furthermore several sightings of these mysterious light balls were recorded in the sky in many regions around the world. Vermont, Illinois, a bright glowing lights was sighted in the sky, and a faint triangle of light at another. Kennewick Washington, these bright lights were seen flying in the night sky.

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