The New UFO Alien Revelation Italy’s Mystery Mountain


NYUFO: UFO Alien sightings are said to be attracted to a Secretive Mountain in Northern Italy. Many of the world’s mountains boast persistent UFO activity. What’s more dozens of striking sightings and “energetic” phenomena every year. Worlds Within Our World/Team UFO World Explorer with Filippo Sarpa Northern Italy. Summer 2022.

This Mountain Base in Italy Valmalenco has been a hotspot for odd sightings overhead and unexplainable peculiarities for many years. One theory is there may be hidden unknown technology on these slopes and the rock bed of this mysterious mountain which is attracting UFOs to this area. And during the recent Expedition of 2022yr. Rob Freeman, Mark McNabb, and the Making Contact Team investigated this mysterious mountain and its rich history of UFO Alien encounter claims.

Over the last seven years, Rob Freeman, Mark McNabb, and the Making Contact Team have been traveling around the world. In addition they have been to over 15 countries, meeting CE-5 observers & documenting our experiences “in the field” with them & on our own.

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