Strange UFO Sightings & New Rare Bizarre Weather


NYUFO: In Holyoke, Massachusetts, two UFO were seen circumnavigating the night sky, illuminating brilliant lights. View Video Here>Majestic electric storm in Mexico and the largest swarm of UFOs in Turkey

In Mill operator Lake Canada, another observer recounts a fascinating sight of UFOs.

Over California, an unidentified flying craft was sighted, flying in the night sky while noticing the sky with binoculars.

Mexico saw a major thunderstorm that illuminated the night sky.

A rainstorm hit Bursa, northwestern Turkey, which flooded vehicles in the areas that were generally seriously impacted. The impacted area was a portion of Mudanya.

Turkey has additionally seen the rise of the largest armada of strange flying UFOs that showed up and vanished in the clouds.

Japan likewise encountered a brutal influx of terrible climate.

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