New UFO Revelations Occurring At Blind Frog Ranch

NYUFO: New Revelations UFO Encounters Occurring At Blind Frog Ranch.

There are countless secrets to be tackled at Blind Frog Ranch that the show couldn’t wrap after only one season. Chad and Duane Ollinger is back with their group to figure out more about the historical backdrop of the farm in 2022. Secret hidden fortune, old coins, Aztec gold, encloses loaded up with obscure sinkholes. The mysteries go on and the Ollingers are here to uncover everything. Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch the Owner Tells the REAL STORY. A MUST WATCH VIDEO!

Numerous things have been discovered on the Utah property at Blind Frog Ranch. Perhaps the most recent revelation on the show was a Fluid Metal. The group had the metal investigated and presumed that it was gallium. Thus, we should figure out more about the Blind Frog group’s most recent mystery UFO Encounters. Presented by Duane Ollinger, an oil field/treatment facility worker for hire, business person, and explorer, and 66% proprietor of Blind Frog Ranch.

What’s more you might remember him from the new hit TV show Secret at Blind Frog Ranch. Blind Frog Ranch is located only 20 miles north of Skinwalker Ranch. Besides the two properties share a long history of high oddness mysteries which are continuing right up to the present day. Blind Frog Ranch likewise has a long history of stowing away gold. Whether it be Aztec, American Indian, or even Mormon Gold, everything has associations with Blind Frog Ranch. Lastly there is considerably more than gold concealed at Blind Frog Ranch. In this show, presented by UFO Maga Con. Duane Ollinger will share the genuine tale about how he turned into the overseer of Blind Frog. The entire story behind the story.

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